Tapioca Crêpes: The New Açai Bowl

Move over açai bowl, 2016 is about to end. A new year, another food trend.
2017 brings a different trend that will conquer the world!
The tapioca crepes, a Brazilian dish that’s been served more and more as breakfast in New York.

These crêpes are super versatile and, depends on with what you fill them with, really healthy.
For a light breakfast you can fill the crêpes with fruit and honey or yoghurt.
If it’s weekend and you want to expand, you can eat it with scrambled eggs, pulled pork or hummus!
Are you in New York or planning to? You can try this dish in Oca, 250 Mott Street (Prince Street), 212-966-0622




Until now we haven’t find this dish on the menu here in Belgium or the Netherlands, but apparently it isn’t difficult to make.
The fun thing is that you can decide what you add to it, are you going for the sweet variant with bananas or are you going for eggs, avocado, sun dries tomatoes, mozzarella, … what ever you want!

Talking about this, I am going to make myself a healthy breakfast and figuring out where I can find this recipe! Or maybe I should book a trip to NYC (YES PLEASE).


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