Food Hotspot Amsterdam: Sticky Fingers


As you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, I went to Amsterdam yesterday for an important meeting.
But first thing first, nothing better then a pitstop to drink a latté in this new place that opened his doors this month.
Sticky fingers is this pink, sweet place that is perfect to start your morning or well, it’s perfect to come through out the whole day.
The only thing that wouldn’t be to good is the menu, don’t get me wrong! It’s just… it could stop you from your New Year’s resolutions.




The first thing that I noticed was that the street isn’t to chaotic, you have space to park (I say this for the crazies like me that drive the car in this city).
Once I got in I ordered my latté but I asked the waiter to give me a minute to pick something sweet since there was so many to choose! Granola, chocolate cookies, quiches and tartelettes! My pick, yum: one with chocolate and raspberry.


A little detail that you might love to know… all the food is organic and fresh! Yes, winner.
This place opens at 7PM perfect for breakfast(dates) or meetings. On your own? Pick your spot on the pink high chairs to have a view outside spotting people. Because we secretly all love that. A pretty pink place with a good photo wall!


Amstelveenseweg 3
1054 MB Amsterdam
tel: 020 820 33 32

Every day from 07:00 until 18:00



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