Spring Love



Hey guys, although February and Valentine’s Day passed by, there’s still a little bit love in the air.
Spring is on his way although it doesn’t look like it at the moment (Pouring rain here in Belgium). But we’ll keep on smiling and I am changing my ward robe.

Time for colors and different fabrics. Yes, no denim this time!
Sale season is over and god, there are so many that I would love to have, it could be true (in my head) but let’s start with the pieces that I need.
Like this awesome trousers I found at this concept store in my city, I told her already, she has taste people.



Combined with my new pink top, I love satin, It makes me feel more feminine, an extra touch of elegance. What do you think about that?
So, with every outfit comes accessories but with mine there comes new nail polish.

As much as I want to have gel nails, I don’t want to make my nails weak again. I prefer longwear nail polish, like this one of ProNails (Elevator Peach).
This color is fresh, light and perfect to wear to work, if you’re not in the creative but office sector, not all colors are appropriate so this one is just perfect. If you ask me!

Beside the outfit talk… I am in for hair cut and maybe a new color (I am going to try the Colorista of L’Oreal today, curious what that will bring!)
Where are you looking forward to when the sun comes out?




Photos by Silke Blogs


Trousers — Fiveunits by Charles Concept Store
Top — Loavies
Earrings — Wild Things collectables
Shoes — Zori

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