SPOTTED! Kurkgoodies is trending

Like Rachel Zoe once said — “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
True, fashion always have to be fun and it’s important you can express yourself through style.
As personal blogger I believe you should not always follow trends but as a stylist I believe it can help people to be creative!


We all love the high knee boots and the statement white blouse trend but let step aside for this newbee.

Cork is lovely for your interior, god it makes me so wanne live on my own, but we should take it to the next level.
Meet Kurkgoodies, this company delivers you your living room but they also bright up your accessory life!


From an Iphone case to bracelets, handbags or a pin-up bord or pictures frames.
The reason I believe this will be trending and why I’m loving it so much is because this bark can be harvested without cutting down trees and damaging the nature ànd the use of cork has an important role in reducing the CO2 content. Should I continue?

Cork is like leather, it only turns darker after a long time but it easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth and soap and you’re off! Bye bye red wine problems!

The reason I give this explanation is because you won’t feel guilt, it gives you a happy feeling because it’s fair trade (and not to expensive).


Oké, enough with the teaching lessons, I already have picked out my favorite items!
For those who are craving too, they have their own webshop and for those who like to introduce this to their friends, they organise demonstrations at home! A w e s o m e .


For those who have no plans for tonight or having free on the other dates, you can find Kurkgoodies at some fun events!


11/11/2015 Ladiesnight Pathé Tilburg
09/12/2015 Euroscoop Tilburg
18/12/2015 till 23/12/2015 Christmas market at ‘t Laar Tilburg

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