Shake It Off With An Evian Drink


Instead of posting vacay pictures on my Instagram feed, I’m on full work mode. Not that I complain because I did a couple of fun styling projects! The most fun thing to do (I love my job, can you tell?)
Meanwhile I’m just enjoying my work breaks with a moisturizing drink, like the new flavors of Evian – Fruits & Plants. Perfect when you don’t want to grab a soda and when you want something else then water.

September is going to be less hectic and that means I will be back on track with blogposts.
It’s one or another, hello girl with many dreams. Being a stylist is my main priority, for those who haven’t seen it yet: STYLING SERVICES
From now on you can work with me on different styling occasions: personal styling, wardrobe styling, event styling, …
Feel free to get in contact with me for questions or if you want to work together!



My holiday plans are changed, instead of going on a birthday vacation I am planning a get away to Nice with my sweet mom in September.
That will be the first one, the second one will be visiting one of my best friends in Rome. She will be staying in Italy for 3 months and I don’t have another option then visiting her! 😉

The far destination places will get a place in my agenda, hopefully soon but otherwise it will be next year!
Which places would you like to go to? Costa Rica, Mexico or Canada, …
Maybe you give me inspiration!

Jumpsuit Andy & Lucy

Photos by Marlieke van der Veer

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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