S.O.S. Last Minute Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines Day — A romantic candle light diner or a Rom-Com with a pot of Ben&Jerry’s by yourself. Everyone has his own activity all though personally I love to do something fun on this day instead of being materialistic. I mean, who wants another giftcard from Zara?
The fun part about all this? You can do this with your beloved one or with your friends! (Most of the ideas though).

There are a couple of activities organized in Belgium but you have the original way right?



  1. Champagne on the Kiss Tram — For those who are staying at the Belgium Coast, the municipalities of De Panne and Koksijde-Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort are joining forces for a real treat: a romantic and original Valentine’s week by the sea. You and your loved will be pampered during the spring break with lots of romantic activities from 10 to 18 February.
    (€10 p.p.)
  2. Valentine at the Bakery Museum — They say love goes through the stomach! Nothing more romantic, than a visit to the Bakery Museum on Valentine.
    With a workshop on sugar hearts, a reading session where the butterflies of spattering, a creative surprise workshop in the sign of love and a themed tour around ‘Love and Passion in the bakery’, there is something to do for young and old. Moreover, you can feast delicious Valentines waffles in our cafeteria especially for the occasion!
  3. Will you be my Valentine? — Screw this day, the concept of this party is really simple. Are you single, ready for a party and you don’t have any plans? Then get your but to Gent!
    (€5 at the door)
  4. Be creative — Fill a jar with little messages. Things you love about the other person, what you wish for her or something that puts a little smile on their face (You can fill in the rest, if you know what I mean, ahum). Sometimes you don’t need much.
  5. Order food — Why should you go outdoors? Order some food, ice cream with games that you both love and take you back in time. Nothing better then good memories.
    For the ladies, I saw this one myself on the internet. Men use a trace of rose petals but you can make a trace of beer petals, ending at a table with a cheesy balloon and a bag full of Mc Donalds. Thank me later;-).

  6. Eat in the dark — Now this sounds a bit weird, but it can be super exciting. You cannot see, you only can feel and taste the food. Nowadays you can do this in special restaurants but also simply at home. Blindfold and go.
  7. In the park — Go to a cosy place somewhere with a blanket to look at the stars with hot coco and just take a bottle of wine or champagne as surprise with you ;-).
  8. Game night — It happens that you are single or you partners really don’t care about this day. Invite your friends for pizza, beer and games.
  9. Hotel — Book yourself a nice hotel. A night out with just the two of you, fun guaranteed.
  10. Efteling — You will never get tired of this! No matter what age you have, this place stays magical. You can stay in one of their lovely hotel rooms, perfect after a busy play day.




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