Person of the month! Seen by Joya

Ready to start a new month by ending this one with a new blogger of the month.
This time we welcome this inspiring lady who knows exactly what’s going on in the fashion scene! With her own style she takes you into her world and shows you what it’s all about. Meet Joya Kenens of Seen by Joya.

 ” Hi hi, my name is Joya Kenens. I’m 18 y/o and started university this year in Antwerp. I study communication sciences and after that I would love to study Fashion Management abroad.


Who is your style inspiration?
Hmmm that’s a hard one! I guess it would be a mix of Negin Mirsalehi, Kristina Bazan and Tiany Kiriloff. I would describe their style as sophisticated, classy and feminine.

This year you went to the Paris Fashion week, what was one thing you definetly keep in mind?
Paris Fashion Week was actually one of my most impulsive actions ever. Billie, my friend and photographer, and I decided to go to Paris for the last day of PFW and we’re so glad we did.
Seeing all those gorgeous bloggers, models and important people from the fashion scene, was an amazing experience.

We expected a lot of people and photographers, but what we experienced was SO crazy. The thing that I loved the most is spotting people wearing awesome outfits. I’m definitely going back next year (and hopefully for a bit longer then).

 Favorite sunglasses for this season
KOMONO really caught my eye for this season. They have this certain way of creating designs of sunglasses that you just haven’t seen before.
Also it’s a Belgian brand, which makes it cool to wear ‘home made’ sunnies.

 What is your motto?
Chase your dreams.

 18 years old and blog active since 6 months and already succesfull! Do you have tips and tricks for girls with the same dream?
I think blogging is all about what YOU like and not about what others might like. My blog, Seen by Joya, represents who I am and what I stand for.

I watch trends, but do not necessarily follow them. I think by creating your own style of blogging, you’ll get really far and you’ll keep having fun.
For me, it’s a wonderful way to express myself and my passion for fashion.

 Your three favorite hot spots in Antwerp
NORMO (for coffee and tea) | Berlin (for delicious food) | Phil’s coffee (for a delicious breakfast)

Favorite spring outfit
Boyfriend jeans – white top – colorful juwels (I’ll be posting an outfit like this soon).

A question I like to ask every blogger, what is your favorite experience so far?
I can’t really name one particular experience that I loved the most. I guess the best thing about this new world for me is that I get to know super interesting and inspiring people, from all over the world, who share the same love for fashion, lifestyle and traveling.
I feel really happy about that. Also the heartwarming and lovely comments I get of people I know, but also of people that I haven’t meet before.


Favorite city trip
As you might know, I’m a hugeeee fan of traveling and discovering new places and cultures. Normally I’m more of a high-temperatures-fanate, but a city that I will never forget and certainly go back to is Stockholm.
We made our trip to Stockholm at wintertime, which was awesome. The entire city was covered in snow, people were enormously kind and the atmosphere was perfect.

What could you wish more?
Next time I go back there, I would love to go during summer, to experience the other (warmer) ‘side’ of Stockholm.

What three things do you blog about most
Fashion | travel (hotspots) | young, new and dynamic brands.

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I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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