Person of the month! La Belette by Charlotte Meese

I am Charlotte Meese, a 24y old teacher in fashion, current living in Antwerp. I teach in Berchem, secondary, where I am also class teacher in 5th secondary school. Beside that I teach in adult education in Turnhout, sewing lessons, in ’t Heilig Graf. A busy bee with a heart in designing.


How did you came up with the idea to start up your own clothing and jewerly line?
It started as a hobby, every year in education I try to do something new with my students. So I’m doing a lot of brainstorming and testing things. If there is something good coming out I make an example for my students and if they like it I make several pieces. That’s when my friends are so excited to buy something or when I design something personal for them. At the moment I’m still searching for the perfect balance between my work and being a designer but with all the positive feedback this hobby will become something big, it gave me a taste of more challenges

It is never easy to come up with a brand name, did it take much time to find one that fits you?
My boyfriend always calls me “Weasel”. He can speak French and one day he played a French song about a weasel, named: …
This number and the story behind it sounded so good, that I now using the name: La Belette BY MEESE

7804857c74-img_3427Where do you get your inspiration?
Especially of my students. I always ask them what they like, to see in fashion. They are always busy with trends and everything around it. From that point I start testing and making my designs.

Personally I find it really inspirational when someone who has a full time job still find the time to be creative and combines that with a personal- and love life.

Is it difficult in time or did you find the perfect balance?
For a couple of years I’ve been a busy person, what people know about me. It depends, even when I have a tight planned schedule it still can be stressfull last minute. I’m still young, so enough time to learn! It makes it more easy for me because my two passions: teaching and designing are attached to each other.

What are your goals, who are your costumers?
If I can make my dreams come true… I would love to open my own clothing store where I sell clothing from “unknown” designers/ brands and a part of my own collection.
With custom- and repair service, because that is something I already doing a lot. My biggest dream is to have my own collection, not to big with one style.

Where do you see yourself as a designer in the future?
As a designer your work is never done. You’re 24/7 busy with creating your own styles, searching for the daily needs in life.
I see it as a long, pleasant train trip. By mountains, over rivers, by dales, every part of the way you need to record. You can, never, be ready.
I want to show pleasure in my clothes, like every piece has his own story.

Keep an eye on this lady, she is one of the persons who has a really strong style. Who knows where we see her in the future!

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