Person of the month! Irmy Coeckelbergs

Meet Irmy Coeckelbergs, a young talent full of happiness.
In love with drinking coffee, exploring things and her boyfriend.
You also may know her from my blog, since she is the eye behind a part of my dreams.

Who is your inspiration?
I’m not a person that has a specific inspiration. I really look up to my friends and of course my guilty pleasure: Instagram.
All day, every day; inspiration everywhere.

What is the one thing you really want to achieve in your photographer life?
Working with a topmodel! Again, I already work with funny and beautiful girls.

afe6169fbb-12191629_10207606654345224_6855875132907595458_n Top 3 favorite coffeebars
1. Caffenation
2. Koffieklap
3. Bagels & Beans

IT clothing item
My salmon pink fake fur coat by Costes. I don’t wear him often but it’s mindblowing!

Your motto?
‘Smile while you still have teeth’ – that’s how they describe me, the girl that always smiles. (Secretly at night I gnash on my teeth, so it’s just a matter of time hihi).

 What are for you, the most fun dates?
– Getting fresh air on the beach
– A city trip to Paris or Amsterdam
– Eating bagels and drinking coffee
– Cooking together
– Shooting together (Swoon, swoon….)


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