Person of the month! Enface D'L

Meet the girl behind Enface’DL: Charlotte de Lange. Fashionista living in the city of fashion Antwerp. With her own special style, she is ready to start 2015 healthy and as a busy women! And of course giving an interview with a Way of dreaming, talking about her fashion life, inspirations and interests.


Who is your style inspiration?
* Sabrina Meijer (AfterDRK), Leandra Medine (Man repeller), Miroslava Duma, … These names are the first ones that pop into my head but I also look at random streetstyle pictures for inspiration. What’s so inspiring about these three women is not only their sense of style but also their personality.

New year, new resolutions: what’s on your bloggers list?
* Posting more streetstyle pictures and also posting more in general!

 How did you step into the fashion world and do you have tips for people who would like the do the same as you?
* As a child I was always drawing and making clothes for my dolls. Not that they would fit but I loved cutting up fabric and making my dolls look like they’re walking around in a tent haha. Later on I also made an effort for myself but it turns out I’m better at combining pieces than at making them from scratch.

What is your motto?
* Make everyday count and dare to dream big.


Which trends would you like to see and go this spring- summer?
* I’m not daily busy checking the latest trends. I wear what I want, when I want and to bad if it’s not the trend at the moment.

That said, trends I do like are the tomboy look (a little rough around the edge can’t hurt anybody), statement lipsticks, crop tops, ripped boyfriend jeans (girls it’s time to man up) and 2 piece suits! I would also like to never see the ballerina or crocs ever again!

IT vacation
* Who wants to go on vacation when you can live in New York City? 😀

Favorite spot in Antwerp
* Every coffeebar that smells like fresh pie.

What is one of the best things about being a blogger
* I like social contact and as a blogger I constantly meet new ambitious and interesting people!

What is your blogger WOW-moment so far?
*Being nominated as best newcomer for the Zalando Blogger Awards was definitely a Wow-moment! Also my weekend in Paris during Fashion week!

What three things do you blog about most?
* Streetstyle, streetstyle and streetstyle! It’s just what I do best haha.

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