Person of the month! Dries Vriesacker

Meet Dries Vriesacker, one of Belgium’s male bloggers. Student, living in Beveren and crazy about fashion.
This charming person will give men all the tips and tricks inside the fashion scene, lucky me I got the chance to know this person!


Who is your style inspiration?
I don’t have one specific inspiration but I have a few people that I really look up too.
I love Bryanboy and The Birking Boy. The Birking Boy, to me, he is a big rolmodel to me, pure perfection!
Next to that I really keep an eye on the women fashion, maybe it sounds weird but I have my reasons!

Fashion for women ALWAYS anticipates mens wear. Women trends always comes first, through that you always can tell what will happen with the men trends next year.
For example. This winter it was all about the animal prints for women, but now during every international fashion show you that this is the trend for men next year. Look at Burberry! The runway was all about animal prints for men.
Women always are ahead of fashion.

What trends should men definitely try this summer and which absolutely not?
Men’s fashion is less ”trend-sensitive” than in women, but if I have to name a few it will be ‘Denim on Denim’ and black, everything is black this summer. I also noticed on the international fashion weeks that it is a trend to NOT follow trends and to dress yourself to your own identity.

I think this will evolve more, also in women. Identity gets more important and trends get more vague.
One thing that men absolutely cannot do is wearing a T-shirt underneath their shirt. That is something I personally can’t stand, but that is also in general in terms of trends.

How did you start blogging and what do you want to tell with your blog?
I always wanted to do something in the fashion world, but in Belgium you cannot find educations that has to do something with fashion. Unless you want to be a designer, what is not in my case. Because I didn’t know what to do I sended an e-mail to Sofie Valkiers to ask her if she had advice.

She told me that it was a good idea for me to start a blog, in that way I could network, get to know a lot of people and discover the fashion scene.
She said “if you do it with passion, they will notice you soon enough””. At this point I see my blog as a ‘out of control hobby’, but if I ever (in the distant future) can make my business out of it, I would totally not mind. For now I just wait and see what comes on my path.

What is your motto?
YOLO, I know, what a cliché. 

Your top 5 favorite stores and brands
Oh, this is a hard one, let me see… (random sequence)
1. Mijn wonderkamer (Kammenstraat, Antwerp)
2. Monar (Everdijstraat, Antwerp)
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Zara
5. Les Hommes

45356882f5-dries4Favorite experience so far as a blogger?
This is not an easy one… I think I don’t have just óne experience I enjoyed the most. The thing I personally love is that I get to chance to meet so many people in a short time. Some of them are actually become really good friends!

Do you have advice for men who are into fashion but are to ‘scared’ to try new things just because of people’s appinion or…
First: DARE and don’t bother by what other people tell about you and your outfit
Second: be confident. Confidence is the best accessoiry! 

Your favorite hotspots in Antwerp
My absolute numbre one is ‘Raw Salad Company’ in the Kammenstraat. They have the best juices in the world, totally addicted to it!
Next to that I love to go to Kaffeenini and the V-bar of Vascobelo.  

Favorite food
Everything that is unhealthy, but especially Tiramisu.

 Which fashion mistake do men make?
The biggest mistake you can make, both men and women is the wrong ‘tailoring’. If your shirt isn’t the perfect fit, go to a tailor. For €10,00 you have the perfect tailor-made shirt that fits 10 times better.

Favorite vacation spot
I fell in love with South- Afrika. Bali is on the 2nd spot.
Beside your blogger excist, how do you enjoy your family life?
I have 2 younger sisters, Fien and Kaat. Most of the time we’re going along very well, so that is fun. I put a lot of time and energy in my blog and events. So if I’m not working for that I go to school (unfortunately) and going out with my friends.

Your favorite relax-moment


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