Person of December ♥ Photographer Emmelie Staps


It’s the last month of 2016 already, time to make new resolutions and a new bucket list.
It is also time for a new person of the month!

December belongs to the lovely Emmelie Staps, a great photographer and also known of most pictures on my website!
Yes, she is always behind the camera but today it is time to get to know a little bit more about her!

Who is your inspiration?
Andre Josselin, he makes the most beautiful portrats and traversed through all countries. You get a view in his life and it just looks phenomenal.

What is your motto
At the moment.. ‘collect moments, not things’. I am a big fan of quotes but this one discribes the things that are essential. I like to save memories and beautiful moments instead of having 1000 of things that not enrich your life.

Favorite camera
Canon 5D3 but the Fujifilm x100t is on my wishlist!

IT food
PASTA! I adore Italian food.

Best experience til now
I studied for 4 months in Barcelona, it was a lovely experience and it gave me such a feeling of freedom. I learned a lot, in terms of shooting, I needed to do everything by myself, looking for options and exploring locations.

Dream model to work with
I don’t have one specific model in mind that I want to work with! I am very open-minded and I love a unique appearance and a good mimicry.
Personally I am really against the rule of “skinny models”, give me a model that feels good in her skin and enjoys her job.


Favorite place to hang out with your friends
It changes by month! There are so many coffee bars and restaurants to discover. Lewis in Hoogstraten (Belgium) is a real recommender!

IT capital
Barcelona! This place stole my heart. It is a beautiful place with a lot of friendly people.

IT drink
Cosmopolitan and Mojito!! Fresh made of course 😉

3 words to describe yourself
Open-minded, honest and creative





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