3 Looks To Inspire You For The Christmas Days


Christmas is almost there and I cannot wait! The dinner parties, wine and the typical subjects that will be discussed at the table. (the ones that only make it to Christmas).
Within all the cosiness we also want to shine during these days. The reason I write this article on a short note is because some people don’t find the time to organise their outfit in the right time.

Look at the bright side of it, sometimes when you find your outfit like that you will feel yourself great and unbelievable beautiful.
1. You haven’t looked at your outfit for the past couple of weeks so you cannot change your mind. (read: you will avoid bad choices).
2. The compliments you get on your outfit (little do they know that you almost stressed-out to find that cute look).

Today we have three different outfits as inspiration. For the lady of the house, the guests and the party hopper.
For those who are ready to believe in the last minute shopping spirit or for those who believe they will find a lovely combination in their closet look at these combinations we made for you!


Organizing a dinner party at your place? Your look has to be comfortable but fashion at the same time. Go for a midi dress: high neckline or pick a dress were you can show some cleavage!
What also works is lace but if you feel more comfortable with a practical dress then give it an extra touch through accessories and add some sparkle to it.

  La Dress €199,00                      Club Manhatten €17,95

 Steve Madden €84,99              Club Manhatten €17,95

 Atelier Sud Sud €69,95



Not feeling like wearing a dress this year? No worries! You will also look gorgeous in a metallic jumpsuit.

 River Island €95,00        Hello My Love €12,00

Ego Shoes €35,00                  Overload Studios €65,00

Fashion Nova €25,00




Busy evening with more then one event to attend? Go for a fresh, colorful look that works for every occasion. P.S. The Bardot necklace is a real trend right now.

 Miss Guided €20,00      Nuvo Niche €19,95

Lauren Skirt €307,45    Public Desire €30,00

 Tory Burch €310,00


Psst.. Do you follow me?

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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