Home Inspiration: Where to start


We all have those moments when we’re scrolling through Pinterest, Tumblr or other inspirational sites, dreaming away by all the pictures wishing it were our homes.
Don’t forget, there will be a time you will live on your own and you have to do it yourself. (Except when you are already on your own).
It’s so much easier when you have some helpful tips and ideas before you’re making the big step.
After I’ve been on TV, I got a lot of compliments on our interior. So maybe the perfect moment to show my favorite looks for a lovely home.



How much I love all the picture perfect interiors, where everything is white with fur details or a small marble table with a Scandinavian art piece with a cactus. It isn’t what I fully want for my place.
Mindblowing reaction of visitors or a “Instaproof” place, how ideological it almost sounds, will it make you feel at home?



With all the fun gadgets, large pick at good designers you have to choose a style you prefer. Personally I am a huge fan of white and beige colors combined with wood and a lot of light.
It’s all in the details, a bed full with pillows, carpet on the ground, a nightstand with a lamp, blankets, candles, ….



Don’t forget, you still need quality pieces, for example it would be lovely to live with a descent couch for a couple of years.
So keep in mind, if it’s payday you know you spend your money wisely and you will get something good. Still living on the budget proof side without no other options?
There are a few things you can pay attention too, to make your interior look “glamorous” without spending X amount of money.

  • Materials
  • Colors


The next challenge for me is my ward robe. I really want the perfect closet, a place for my shoes and be honest, a girl her closet should be on point! We all need a place to think 😉

Which style do you prefer? Feel free to share!

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