Going Back In Time With This Trend

Back in the game with rib fabric

Who is sitting there outside in a lazy chair with a coffee and a big smile? Ooh jep, that’s me… what else would I do when it’s sunny weather.
This week is been busy but so enjoyable, from a PR lunch to picking up items for an upcoming photoshoot, …

With all that you always think about what you will be wearing. We already know that I love comfy outfits so my new trousers fit right in! I will never get enough of straight, wide trousers. I got this pink beauty from the Mango and every time I’m wearing it there is someone who’s giving me a compliment (so sweet). I’m starting to think that I need to stop with the trousers and hop on to dressers and skirts. (Actually not starting to think, I have enough trousers so it should be done).

This week is also the week when you can vote for the Hunkemöller Blogger Awards, wink!
It is crazy how supportive every one is, we always should be like this! For those who voted already thank you so much!

So do you have fun plans for the weekend? I’m going to put my make-up on and eat something because I need to go to work!

Blouse Charles Conceptstore / Trousers Mango / Shoes Sacha Shoes / Earrings Rose Belle

Photos by Noémie Boone / Make up by Margot Krizsa

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