The First Collection Of Daya By Zendaya

I don’t know if it’s a fever or that all celebrities are crazy about fashion but for some reason a lot of them start there own clothing line, collaborations with designers or write a book.
Sometimes I find it quiet annoying but with some people I am more then happy they took the step.
Like Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman or better known as Zendaya. American actrice, singer and dancer, only 20 years old started at Disney Channel. (What else! But hey, wise people grow out there).

For some reason I was a fan as soon as I saw here on TV.
She is sassy, feminine and has a strong own opinion. Followed by she joined ‘Dancing with the stars’, from there on she got me. That girl can move!

She is only 20 years old and she grown out as a icon already!
She has a great sense for style and she already doing a lot of great things for people and organizations.
Let’s go back to “she has a great sense for style” and “I am more then happy they took the step”. Yes people…. Zendaya has her own clothing line! Daya by Zendaya.



I just don’t have enough words for it how much I adore this Holiday collection, there are so many styles, choices and colors. It is urban mixed with a touch of femininism.
Not for nothing she is honored at Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016.
Save best for last, her collection stays under the $150! No over prized designers items but pieces that are available for everyone!
Time to stop talking and to take a look at the collection.






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