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That’s what my family told me when I was little, that mind never changed. Explore the world and educate yourself. I am more of a ‘DIY’- kind of person instead of sitting behind books for 3 years after high school. Not my cup of tea.

So last week I made a vlog about EF TRAVELING. In a couple of minutes I will tell you about why I love this company. Once again, it’s Dutch. For my future vlogs I am trying to find my way in editing, so I can use subtitles, …
In a short explanation:
In this vlog I’m telling why I love Education First, you can travel the world and learn a new language. If I would be the Belgian blogger for EF, my pick would be Costa Rica.
Learning Spanish, surfing, exploring new food. Sounds good to me!

So maybe I can trigger your interests and who knows your next month on a plain to destination unknown, no kidding, to the place you love.
So, for those who love

–> Kiki Vogels <– on YOUTUBE. You can subscribe to my channel if you like (I would love you for it though).
Feel free to leave a comment, let me know what you would love to see in my vlog and what you think about traveling and learning new languages!

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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