Detox, Sport And I


Summer is getting closer and closer and we all want that summer proof body. Sadly enough it doesn’t come at nature!
Most people are really dedicated going to gym but to be honest, I really don’t like it….
Luckily enough there are more ways to get fit and to get a healthy body.
That’s when Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore came with her fitness dvd’s, some people think it’s a joke, well.. to me? It’s a crazy work-out!
The good thing about this work outs are that you can do it at home, where nobody can see you sweat or laugh when it proves that your condition isn’t what is seems to be (yes, I think about those things).

If you do sports, you also need a fancy outfit right?
I believe that if you feel good about what you are wearing, you’re motivation goes up too!
That’s when I wear my Freddy “Diwo” pants, the reason that I’m such of fan of these pants is because they stay on their place thanks to the silicone band on the hips, they give your booty a lovely shape AND this fabric has a lot of stretch, it moves sweat away from your body and it keeps your virtually dry.


Sounds good?

Well !FUN news! I am happy to say that I can give this FREDDY PANTS away. But first I’m going tell you a litte bit more about this Detox thing I’m planning to do and then scroll down to see what you have to do for the give away!
As some of you know, I work in a shoe store, beside that I am a stylist & fashion blogger and in the weekends I work in a café.
That means that my food schedule sucks.
My eat pattern isn’t what it needs to be, although I try!
But sometimes you need to clean your body.

That’s when I found out Juiz-s, for 3 days I am going to live on juices to experience what it will do to my body! Stay tuned on Instagram (@awayofdreamingkiki).
For those who are interested, get your discount here! Use the code #380 and get a discount on all juice fasting and collections!
Maybe we should wait til after the weekend?! 😉


Freddy pantroom fan already? What do you have to do?

1. Like Freddy Pantroom on Facebook page (here).
2. Like the A way of dreaming Facebook page (here).
3. Place a comment (& your e-mail address) and tell me why the Freddy Pants would be yours!

The winner will be announced on this Thursday at 8PM.
Good luck!

This give away isn’t available anymore.

Top Bershka – Freddy Pants – Sneakers Via Vai – Jewel Bershka 

Photos by Irmy Coeckelbergs

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