Food Hotspot Turnhout: De Burgerwacht


Buckle up, it is time for a new hotspot!
We all know that the big cities like Antwerp has a lot great places especially when it comes to food, but it is time to make space for something new!
I am proud to announce that yesterday my friends Nico & Hanne openend the doors of ‘De Burgerwacht‘ a burger x steak house in Turnhout.
With a beautiful interior, leather aprons for the staff (Totally love that!), beautiful lights and special beer.
When I talk about special beer I mean Estrella Damm, a Spanish beer that only has 200 hand made beer taps of this model around the world, De Burgerwacht can say that they have number 67, you know what that means ;-).

From different kinds of meat to fish and vegan burgers, to spare ribs (yum) and dishes for kids.
Secretly I already tasted the delicious Lambrusco, I mean… these are times to celebrate right?
The reason this is totally worth the visit, is because I can assure you that the food is delicious, since my best friend is the chef (yes, totally gonna brag about it), and the staff are a real pleasure.
Even when you’re not feeling like having a big meal, you still can enjoy with a cocktail, let’s hope with the sun on your face.

Not to forget the DIE-HARD Instagrammers, every month you make a chance to win a free burger!
How? Easy! Make a picture of your visit, post it with the right tags and hash tags (you can find the steps on your paper food pad). Are you going to be the first lucky winner?
So what are you waiting for?! Get your reservation a.s.a.p.
Also keep an eye on my Instagram because I will definetly post some pictures of my choices!

Mo- Thu : 16:00 – 21:00
Fri- Sat : 11:00 – 21:30
Sun: 16:00 – 21:30
014 74 73 64

Photo by Lucas Mercelis
Photo by Lucas Mercelis
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