Christmas Table Settings + DIY

Christmas is around the corner, I guess we’re all ready to think about our dinner, invites and the table setting.
As much as we like it, to go sit at the table, thanking our parents for the lovely food, there comes an age that we have to take care of ourself.

It’s normal that we all want to create a setting that is impressive and that gives our family and friends a winter wonder feeling.
That made me think about this blogpost, some people are really creative and they just do their thing and the result is just mind blowing, but that doesn’t count for all of us.
Beside that sometimes a little bit of inspiration won’t hurt anyone, it can bring you to things that you wouldn’t thought about before.
So today I am going to show you some pictures that are not to complicated but still much fun to present on your table.
I even tried to create some things on my own, just do it yourself this time! It’s 2016.

As you see, it isn’t necessary to put a lot on the table, if that isn’t your style! Work with ribbons or glitter decoration.

Sometimes you don’t have to look far! As you can see you can be creative with a lot of things, probably stuff you have at home but you wouldn’t think about it as decoration.
Dry oranges or lemons or use a cactus, you can find there cuties in two different sizes at HEMA.



I personally like this setting, because if you want to, it can be budget proof. Go out in the woods and pick out some beautiful pieces. / Warning / Of course be smart and let it dry, don’t drop it on the table right before dinner because the smell will be to strong.



I am going to honest (once again) I love to be creative but don’t give me work that needs 100% concentration and a lot of patient because I will fail.
Still, I saw this idea on Pinterest and I really liked it, so we gave it a try! (P.S. like I said, I gave it a try. I am not a interior stylist so it can be an imperfection).



kiki vogels

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