Blue Look & Antwerp Fashion Festival


Last week I was wearing my denim short with sixties white blouse, ready to enjoy the 31 degrees by the water. Only for a couple of hours because the sun got me like… It is so weird, give 31 degrees in St.Tropez and you will find me on the beach from 9 A.M. until 6 P.M. but in Belgium I cannot deal with it.
Anyway! Today, one week later, you can find me in my new fall look that I found at the Antwerp Fashion Festival.



I don’t know if you went to the Antwerp Fashion Festival?
The fashionable city turns out with even more fashion, all stores organizing a lot of different things. (with champagne and nice food of course!)
To celebrate the Antwerp Fashion Festival CKS organized a styling session in collaboration with Sacha Shoes. Of course I found myself a new look!
I love to shop at CKS, they have versitale pieces like the one I’m wearing, which makes it easy to combine them also when fall comes around the corner.
We all know the wide leg trousers with stripes or a split up at the side- trend so these satin trousers caught my eye! The same trend but less tomboy and a bit more elegant (plus the fit is amazing).
Searching for a similar look? Then you should come to Antwerp today or maybe you should plan a city trip!


P.S. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your new outfit with me oké?!

Photos by Noémie Boonen


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