My Sweet 22 Birthday


Birthdays come and birthdays go, just like mine! Last Tuesday I turned 22, still so young- happy me.
The last few weeks were crazy when it comes to work. I only ordered my perfect plissé skirt by Mint & Berry at Zalando.
My birthday made all the little hours of sleep better, for the first time in my life I didn’t plan anything big or special.

Instead of going out I just went for a drink with my close friends, followed by waking up with a present of my sister and mom.
I was always so jealous of my mom her accessories, the items she always has with her, it’s killing me!
Then… they gave me my own package: a purse of World Family Ibiza.
Stop.right.there, I don’t need anything else (beside the great company of my friends), my 22 years existents couldn’t start any better. That’s what I thought…

On Wednesday we continued just a little bit longer, eating cake and watching movies.
Going out for dinner because my sister only asked me that a 100 times that week.
I organized a drink (oops, didn’t I just said I didn’t plan anything special?) for all my friends since August was such a busy month for everyone. A moment for all of us together, before school and the busy work schedules are back on track.



my own package:

You see where we’re going?
After dinner we went to the café where the drink was planned
Silly me who still didn’t have a clue… wondering why it was so dark.
My first reaction when I opened the door? I pushed my cousin inside: “Maybe you should go first”.
That never happend though, so when I walked through the door… music and lights went on followed by a big, fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY in choir.

Of course the crying part didn’t left out the scenario but I just cannot explain the feeling it gives you when your friends put so much effort into your birthday!
They made me cry even more when they gave me a box full of fashion magazines and props I totally will need for my busy year (internship, school, …)
Until they gave me a c.r.a.z.y budget for a citytrip and new outfit! Talking about it make me go crazy happy again.

Do you also have awesome friends who gave you such good birthday memories? If someone knows beautiful destinations for a city trip, let me know! I’m happy to hear your stories.


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