Big Sunnies And Many Dresses


Everyone has their essentials, one thing I cannot live without are my sunnies. I love to hide behind them and maybe also because I can look at people their outfits. (Sorry, it’s just a stylist kind of habbit, nothing personal!).

What better then combining it with a dress, my dress collection is expanding. During this season I’m getting so over my jeans. I love trousers but jeans, I don’t know, sometimes the fit “annoys” me? Not enough space to move!


So the next weeks I will be working all day, everyday. August is a week away and that means it’s almost time to count down to my birthday.
My birthday is on the 25th, I know! It’s not even close but this happens to me all the time. When the summer kicks in I’m like “Oh god no, it’s almost that time of the year again” but then all of a sudden I’m counting down the whole month.
24 years, the year to make make a big career! 😉 and going on a vacation of course!

I was wondering which month is your favorite! And who has fun plans for August?


Dress I am muze by TIEN Tilburg / Bracelet Jutka & Riska / Necklace Club Manhatten / Sneakers Superga by Lizzy van der Light / Sunglasses Unofficial

Photos by Marlieke van der Veer

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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