Barefoot festival

Dancing to technobeats, feeling free as a bird, enjoying the good weather and great atmosphere.
Charlotte de Cock (27) DJ, model, styliste and true artist organized her 3rd summer edition already on August,1.
For me it was the first time attending the festival.
It took me a while though to get there, since it’s a secret location and I can be clumsy… Imagine what happend there! But still, the idea makes you even more excited.

Once I arrived I was in the right mood, seeing the handmade decoration and food!
What was ment to be a back yard party ended up in something much bigger, a festival where there is nothing but love, creativity and a dress code that changes every edition.
Under the great vibes they enlightened us with a diversity of gin’s and the perfect summer drink: Aperol Spritz.
Ready for a sunny afternoon, with a new nickname for a day: style hunter.

Telling you about this festival, that is worth a try visiting during the next edition.
I wanted to do something extra, something with styling.

I looove to just sit down and watch people, looking for inspiration, thinking how they thought through their outfit, especially with a dress code.
So for you, I made a selection with the latest festival styles and summer trends.
Of course we’re not missing out on a picture with MISS herself! I had a blessed, being a part of this event.
Do you have a inner gypsy inside of you?

kiki vogels

I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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