Attention Straight Hair 5x Tips To Keep Your Curls Longer

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Time for a night out or a date, you feel like changing your style hair into a curly look.
The struggle after being busy for hours and when you’re finally done your curls disappear and you have a saggy look in less than 30 minutes.
“Then just don’t curl your hair”. That is not the answer we want to hear because we women love to change our look once in a while. After spending many hours talking to the make-up artists on set, my hairdressers and trying everything out myself.
I have 5 useful tips for keeping your curls when you have straight hair.


Love is in the hair


1. Take care of your hair ends
When you wash your hair, you don’t need a lot of products because you don’t want to make your hair greasy again. Although,it’s always important to take care of your hair ends especially when you want to curl your hair. Use a volume spray and a heat protection spray before you curl your hair.
Note: if your hair is a bit greasy the curls will “hold better” then when you just washed it.










2. Blow dry your hair upside down
Like my own hair, it’s straight of is his own. But it also happens that I don’t have that much volume in my hair. The best thing to do is to blow dry your hair up side down. Bend over and start at your bottom layer and crown and at the hair ends. You will create so much volume. Of course, you can end by drying the rest of your hair in a normal position. Love volume, love curls!


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3. Blow dry your hair on cold setting
Blow dry your hair on cold setting is not damaging at all, it’s a really easy way to create solid curls. It creates volume and your hair will stay just the way you like it.


4. Practice makes perfect
You have a lot of ways to curl your hair. Different kind of curl irons but most of the people use the flat iron.
The most important tip is to practice a couple of times before you go outdoors with a curly look. In the beginning you will notice that you have to search for your own best technique. Since you have a lot of different looks it’s good to take your time on a day of and try different looks. It will save you time, energy and probably frustrations.

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5. Find yourself a good hair spray
The finishing touch: hair spray. The old tradition is to put loads of hair spray in our hair, it isn’t good for the environment, waste of money and it doesn’t have a good effect on your curls!
Some sprays are heavy and if you spray a lot of products on your hair it will ruin your look.
Find yourself a good spray and use just a bit of it, not too much. You only need a little so it will stay in shape.

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