A True Love Story



Dear all, it is such a pleasure to end my week with a styling like this. It didn’t even felt like a styling because I became a part of letting someone’s dream come true.
What started as a regular photoshoot turned out into a magical moment for my best friends ✨ For 6 weeks long (kind of 6 months actually) I had to shut my mouth and be a part of the plan that Kaj had in mind for his girlfriend.

We came with the excuse that @jesuisirmy and I needed a couple for a shoot that we wanted to create, and since it is Kim’s birthday today I had the best excuse that I wanted to give this as a gift. This girl knows éverything so keeping this from her was not one of the easiest things that I’ve already done, but it was worth it. Congrats my friends, I love to celebrate your love and may it not only inspire myself but also others to find a great love like yours.





Photographer: Irmy Coeckelbergs
HMUA: Naomi Novak — Studio N
Styling: Kiki Vogels

Thanks too ZEB Fashion

Kim: white dress NAKD by Zeb Fashion — blue dress by Stien Boetiek
Kaj: dress by ZEB Fashion
Kiki: dress Clouds of Fashion collection by ZEB Fashion



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