8 Designer Vintage Stores You Need To Add To Your List

Every stylish girl knows that a few vintage pieces makes the fast-forward wardrobe more them self, unique. We all have that one friend, you know, the one that always looks good and their answer is “oh thank you, it’s vintage”.
That one friend that always knows at first when there is a ne store or find designer items for a good price.

Vintage stores are competing with fast fashion and by now we already have an amazing amount of second hands stores in all kinds and different ways.
Let’s be honest — We also dream about having a designer item, right? Vintage Dior’s made their way into Fashion week, and we cannot wait to show you these addresses.

Warn that one friend because you will be a living vintage dream once you see this list! You need to start reading because I just might have told you a (big) secret…






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items available soon.

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Let’s start with the biggest mystery (for now).
L.y.i.c.i.d. is literally killing us since May ’18 with the most inspirational and soon available items. We already know that the person behind this has a really fine taste, knows how to work before and behind the camera. I mean — Vivian Hoorn, when will you go tell us that you’re the brain behind this and let us start loving your vintage items???




The Next Closet — a place with love for second hand designer items, from clothing to hand bags. Your new online walhalla.




You can find this lady and her passion for designer handbags in the heart of Antwerp.
Easy and clear with a good communication. She only has good items and with no doubt you will find your perfect match on Baghag.





To start with, I know this brand because of @Laviedemaxime. Short: this girl is obsessed with designer bags and accessories, she loves to go to Due I Mani. Do I need to say more or did her Instagram already convinced you? Oh! Well yes, this is good to know— The store is located in Knokke, Belgium.





If you didn’t know L’Étoile de Saint Honoré yet, then it is time to step up your game and to give them a follow. Not to speak about the most inspiring and beautiful photos these items are also seen around the arms of all IT-girls from Amsterdam. It will give you the perfect idea of which item fits you the most!




Started from the bottom now we’re here, and all you need is a 1) White wall 2) Good poses 3) a tripod. This Belgian girl is growing so fast with her vintage love. She has amazing items, she has style and good communication. It is worth your money.






Danie Bles — Already known as the #1 stylist from the Netherlands. With her perfect sense of taste, she is now also known by her new project: By Danie Vintage Store.
A place with amazing outfit inspirations, amazing brands and a lot of love. Do we need more?





We’re still wondering why the part “bad shop” is in it? This label sells around the world and you have to be on point, every step of the way because when they post something it only takes seconds before it is sold. Believe me, it sucks (sorry, language) because you really want these items in your life.





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Disclaimer: we always try to use the correct and original source of each image that we place. If this is incorrect, please contact Kikivogels@hotmail.com.


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