5 Things you shouldn't do when buying Shoes

We women love to take out that credit card for a shopping spree.
Because all of a sudden we need that special dress for an event, new sunglasses or shoes.
Especially shoes, let’s be honest, we need different models!
Heels, brogues, sandals, sneakers, just to make our closet complete… Oops!
Sometimes it’s difficult to make a descision, so lucky for us there are lovely people in the stores who are happy to help us to find the perfect pair!
But those happy sellers? It would be nice if they are as satisfied as we are after buying shoes! Because as a shopper, we’re not always thinking about what sellers think/feel.
So that brings us to this…


 5 things you shouldn’t do when buying shoes.


1. Respond when the sellers try to greet you; when you walk into a store you notice that you enjoy when they say “Hello”.
Remember they need to greet people 8 hours a day.

2. Don’t try to hard for getting a discount; with all respect but you make them feel really akward. Stores will do their best to come with great campaignes and discounts. When needed they will deliver a discount but nothing more.

3. Treat the shoes properly! What you’re not notice is that when you take of your shoe, you use your other feet/(dirty) shoe to take it off. It will creep the hell out of the sellers!
If you don’t like the shoe, someone else will, in original state. Clean and new.

4. Done with your fitting session and you didn’t found what you wanted? Just return the shoes to the people from the store, it’s polite that you want to restore them yourself but their vision of the store is different, you give them only more work.
Because when a store isn’t ordered, less people will buy something.

5. Walking in to the store 3 minutes before closure to fit 5 different pairs of shoes; the store is open untill 6 P.M. , fact.
But after 8 hours, it can be kind of ennoying when you put effort in the customer and they decide to buy nothing.

kiki vogels

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