5 Items You Need To Refresh Your Wardrobe With

While we have already a lot things to reflect upon this year — things that will influence us in a certain way and we’re we want to improve ourself in the next — there is one simple change that everyone will love: a wardrobe refresh.

Nobody wants to sit down, looking at their closet, drowning in despair thinking they have nothing to wear. Or already regretting that your area is surrounded by bad buys.
That is not the way to kick off the new year! Last week I gave a couple of styling tips about how to style the blazer, one of the five items that should include your 2018 wardrobe.
Today we’re adding a couple more to that list, don’t forget you don’t need much to look good!

Wardrobe Refresh


A fun pair of jeans

Every one needs a good pair of jeans in their closet but sometimes you don’t need more then a fun pair of jeans to upgrade your outfit. It will definitely brings up a smile on your face, isn’t that a great way to start your day?





A cozy sweater

I know what you are thinking… another sweater? Yes, there is nothing wrong with getting a new cozy sweater for the first cold months of the new year. Beside that, it even looks good on a lazy day! You will thank me later.


Valentine Witmeur Lab



A pair of heels

You know what I always say, you can go far with a couple of good heels. Your closet can use a little bit of colour.


Steve Madden €99,99


An unique dress

Every lady needs one unique piece in her closet that gives her that confidence. An item you will treasure for a very long time and can combine in many different ways.

Pinko €275,00


Statement earrings

For the moments you don’t feel like dressing up, it’s simple… a tiny statement earring can switch your outfit into one fancy look! That’s all.

Verge Girl €18,95



Psst.. Do you follow me?

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I'm a 23y old fashion addict that loves to write about fashion, beauty and personal stories with a future in fashion styling.

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