3 Upcoming Scary Movies For Your Weekend


Not feeling going out this weekend?
You reader cozy up with a blanket, chips and a drink, having quality time with your lover or catching up with your friends with some movies.
From experiences I know that not everyone likes to see those romantic love stories (with that I mean boyfriends) and prefer more the action or scary movies.
Good for you ladies, another good reason to get close!

There are a lot of thriller- and horror movies but still, we are looking forward to these 3 movies to come out!
You definitely will need a cushion and maybe you shouldn’t sleep alone.

  1. The Ring II







She still creeps the hell out of us. The Ring was of those movies that no one could forget. And she is back…


2. Into the forest







Nell almost finished high school and is excited to go to collage.
Her older sister Eva is a passionate dancer. Together they live in their ancestral home in an inhospitable part of Canada, far from civilization.

One day suddenly the power falls off. In the period that follows, the sisters heard on the radio the most frightening messages. On technology that no longer works, terrorists and diseases that have free reign and gruesome violence explosions taking place everywhere. And then keep on the radio with it. The silence is almost literally deadly.

Nell and Eva are faced with a new reality where nothing is certain. Clever improvise they try to keep their lives as normal as possible. But as the days, weeks and months, it appears that more difficult. The bond between the sisters is put to the test. However, they will have to work together to survive …


3. The Bye Bye man

Some atrocities are so inhumane that we ask ourselves what motivates the perpetrators. But what if it is not a question of what … but who?

In this supernatural horror film three students move into a dilapidated dormitory and discover the curse of Bye Bye Man. Do not think about him, do not talk about him because once he is in your head, he takes over the control. Is there a way to overcome this curse?

Will you be sleeping tonight?


Psst.. Do you follow me?

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