My Moments Of 2017 In Pictures

Photo by Emmelie Staps 


2017… what a year. With his ups and downs I’m happy though that I can close this chapter and I’m really looking forward to 2018. A fresh year were I can concentrate myself on new resolutions, choices and most important a lot of happiness.
I’m feeling grateful because this year I got the chance to do a lot of amazing things, memories that I will take us back to in this blogpost.
I also learned things about myself and I have to say the emotions were everywhere!

For now it’s finding the perfect balance in between all the things I’m doing and the things I want to achieve.
More travels in 2018, meeting new people and making a great career ;-).

Time to take us back to my crazy moments of 2017!




Remember when I popped up in the news paper and took over VIJF TV for one week with these 3 pretty ladies?
Until today people ask me if I regret this or if I enjoyed it? Not at all! I loved it and I would love to work for TV when it comes on my path.
P.S. not sure when but the replays will be on TV again soon!





After starting 2017 with a city trip to London, I went to Paris in March for a photoshoot. One of the things I love about my job. What not to love about styling a pretty model in Paris?





I like to call myself a background dancer haha! The time I joined the first music video of my friend and Belgium singer Metejoor. Do you see me in the picture? ;-).



MALAGA another month, another city trip. Life is hard.





I was in Malaga when I was checking my e-mails and all of a sudden photographer Valeriya Maltsava contacted me with the question if I wanted to style Emma Bale for a personal shoot. euhm… YES!




Oopsy daisy, another little holiday. Quality time with my mom, we’re already thinking about a new trip!



Then all of a sudden you’re a nominee for the first Belgian Hunkemoller Blogger Awards…




What better then ending the year with another city trip? I had a blast in Rome. For 2018 I’m thinking about New York and a small roadtrip through America. To be honest I have a lot of things I have in mind that keep me busy so let’s see where it brings us!

What are you looking forward to in 2018?


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